Of course, Bernie's watch-input was a fascinating piece of information about the honourable Mr. Wolff. Still, I decided to leave this whole matter alone and concentrate on my book project. Even though I was very confident that Mr. Wolff must have more skeletons in his closet but my story with BWT and his testimony rotated by 180 degrees in favour of the opposing side, despite his long-standing promise to testify the truth in court.

On January 25, 2020, at 1.47pm, Hannah wrote Colin Kolles a text message. Just one sentence: Hello Mr. Kolles, Bernie told me to ask you about Toto's watch - and he sends greetings. Exactly a minute later - at 1:48pm - he called back to tell her his version of the dubious watch.

Colin Kolles reported that this watch was a "protagonist" in an arbitration meeting between Toto Wolff and him that was initiated by Bernie. This conversation took place in 2013 in the Lindner Nürburgring Congress Hotel on the race weekend of the German GP, at which Fabiana Ecclestone was also present. Bernie wanted to prevent the content of the conversation between him and Toto Wolff, recorded by Colin Kolles, from being made public not to jeopardise Daimler's Formula 1 commitment unnecessarily. After this conversation, Kolles said to Wolff that the best thing to do was hand over his watch (a Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Edition) to Bernie because he had just saved his ass.

Sometime later, this watch reached Bernie, who in turn thought he should pass it on to Kolles so that he kept his mouth shut. For Kolles, however, this watch was a mediation tribute to Bernie since he knew that Bernie collects watches and that it would physically hurt Toto to give away this collector's item. He didn't want anything to do with it himself.

The question about Toto's watch changed everything. Colin Kolles suddenly realised that it was over with keeping the mouth shut. Bernie had started the hunting for Toto Wolff himself. Perhaps the changed statement regarding BWT sponsorship was one too much and altered Bernie's attitude. It was no longer essential to protect Wolff's position within F1 and at Daimler. Bernie didn't seem to care whether Toto Wolff gets thrown under the bus because of his actions, and Kolles had suppressed his anger for too long, solely because he had promised it to Bernie that evening at the Nürburgring. Now the way was clear. There was still the watch - the physical proof that Kolle's story was true. This watch had to be instrumentalised. That was clear. During a phone call with Kolles, Bernie's opening that the watch was again in Toto Wolff's possession was a slap in the face. Bernie had let himself be duped by Susie Wolff's tears, and that annoyed him.

The watch was gone. Shit happens. But Kolles had a few other things up his sleeve because he knew of other victims of Teflon Toto. He started contacting these people to gather further evidence of the fascinating machinations of Wolff.

On February 3, 2020, Kolles sent a screenshot of an email dated August 19, 2010, from Toto Wolff to Richard Karner in copy to Dany Bahar (then Senior Vice President, Commercial and Brand at Ferrari) and Rene Berger. This involved a commission payment from Karner to Wolff for the mediation of an official Ferrari dealer status. From further emails sent to him by Mr. Karner, it appears that Torger "Toto" Wolff apparently has processed the commissions for Taner "Dany" Bahar.

On February 5, Colin Kolles reached out again and reported that he had contacted Klaus Engelhorn, who is married to a BASF heir. At that time, Wolff had received a lot of money from Mr. Engelhorn for the prospect of getting into driver's management. He received 1 million Euros from Mr. Engelhorn so that Alexandre Premat could get an outing at Spyker. Back then, Wolff said to Kolles that there were only 100,000 Euros, and Alex Premat got a Friday outing at the 2006 Chinese GP. The remaining 900,000 Euros had probably been bagged by Wolff himself or may be shared with Bahar? According to Engelhorn, this remains unknown.

In early April 2020, Colin Kolles' research had reached a point where he wanted to share the results with the Daimler AG. But before that, he wanted to make sure that Bernie had the same recollection. Bernie confirmed that his intervention at the 2013 Nürburgring was aimed only at not endangering Daimler's involvement in F1. It would have been counterproductive for him if their team boss, because of his insulting statements about the then chairman Dr. Zetsche and Niki Lauda, would have been beheaded. The 2013 season had started without a valid Concord Agreement, and an irritation of any of the big players had to be avoided under all circumstances.

Kolles received the mobile number of the acting CEO of Daimler Ola Kallenius from Bernie and sent him a letter via WhatsApp.

Although it was Sunday, Mr. Källenius read the message from Colin Kolles, as you can see by the blue ticks on WhatsApp.

The day after, Kolles received a call from the Chief Compliance Officer of the Daimler AG. The facts presented by Kolles were unknown to him, but he indicated a Wolff file already existed within the corporation.

Based on Daimler's compliance rules, the CCO was extremely interested in the allegations' details and asked Kolles for material to back them up. Kolles wrote the facts down in a further letter and answered the Business Practice Office's questions (BPO), sent by email.

To be continued … probably more so in the press.